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Retweetable: @chris_writes on early iPhone X reviews; @StyleGF tackles winter white; @mjburnsy tears down the Xbox One X

October 31, 2017 | by Paul

@chris_writes looks at what people are saying about the iPhone X:

However, unlike previews reviews, there’s something strange going on with the iPhone X. Most of the reviews you’re about to read aren’t full reviews. That’s because not everybody got a chance to play with the new device for more than a day.

Read iPhone X review roundup: Apple’s best phone ever, but these iPhone reviews are very strange.


@StyleGF talks wearing white after Labor Day:

Wearing white after Labor Day doesn’t hold the same stigma as it did in the days of yore. That being said, there is a particular shade of white designed exactly for those who do want to follow the old school rules, aptly named ‘winter white’ – creative, I know! Softer than the crisp, clean white of summer, winter white is a few shades closer to ivory but works just as well as a neutral base. Our favorite way to see you guys wear it? Cords, of course! The cozy touch of cords lends itself perfectly to the warmth of winter white.

Read 5 Days, 5 Ways: Winter White Cords.


@mjburnsy has his hands on an Xbox One X:

I’m excited. And I don’t get excited about unboxing gadgets anymore. After years of doing it, most of the time I just rip open the box, plug the thing in and write a disparaging review. I’m jaded I guess.

Read The Xbox One X Review: Unboxing and tearing it down.

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