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Hoodies/Jeans/Sneakers: Gym Edition

November 6, 2017 | by Scott

Next time you’re at the gym, take a look around. Everyone is dressing a lot better. You can wear your trusty uniform hoodies/jeans/sneakers for getting there and any plans after.

Nicer workout threads are not just for celebs and runway models anymore. A lot of brands are setting the bar high for apparel that can perform, but also, not look like activewear. Whether you want to dress up to impress the ladies or just to make yourself feel better, here’s how to level up your gym wardrobe while wearing hoodies/jeans/sneakers.

The Hoodie: Fit Fleece Pullover Hoodie, Green, $14.99

Wearing a uniform can make dressing for the gym a lot easier. Invest in a long sleeve shirt and a good hoodie for winter months. This green pullover hoodie works great to go to the gym but also for grabbing a smoothie after. Since it’s super budget friendly (under $20), you can get one in every color and pair them with jeans or your gym sweats.


The Jeans: Skinny Medium Denim Jogger Pants, $39.99 (was $54.95)

If your main motivation is dressing better at the gym to feel better, don’t hide your body in baggy clothes. Opt for wearing tailored joggers or sweatpants to the gym. This light wash joggers are on sale, and you can also get a second pair at 50% off.

The Sneakers: Nike Metcon 3, Metallic, $130

You no longer have to sacrifice style for function. New lines of performance sneakers come out every year with stylish options for all types of workouts. These Nike Metcon 3 sneakers are great for going from the gym to the streets, but they are definitely an investment shoe. Light enough for outside jogs but also firm enough for long-lasting durability and stability during high-intensity intervals. These sneakers are useful for all kinds of workouts, and they also look super cool, and futuristic.

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