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Tech Zip Hoodie From Dota 2

November 8, 2017 | by Scott

The official Dota 2 clothing merch is not only sleek-looking and of excellent quality: it is comfortable, wearable, and practical. The Tech Zip Hoodie is one of the most popular and requested pieces, as it is incredibly versatile and stylish.

It does not only reflect the visual style of the game through its colors, but the embroidered Dota 2 logo and other beautiful details also make this hoodie a truly unique piece.

Are you not convinced this is the hoodie for you yet? Here are a few more details to make this decision a lot easier.

Why We Love it

Gorgeous design

It’s sporty, casual, and wearable. This hoodie simply screams “adventure.” It is perfect for gamers who want to bring their daring spirit into their everyday lives.

Subtle but not too much

This hoodie is perfect for merch lovers who don’t want their outfits to look too extreme. It’s a fashionable piece that you can wear every day, but that will be easily recognized by fellow Dota 2 fans.


With a kangaroo patch pocket, two-way zipper pulls and a wrist zipper pocket, this piece has all of the comforts you might look for in your perfect hoodie, plus the Dota 2 logo and color scheme.

Cons of the Tech Zip Hoodie From Dota 2

Not a cosplay piece

Of course, this is an everyday hoodie with subtle hints to the game that make it wearable for your daily life. It is not a cosplay piece, but still a fun and perfect piece of merch that will show your friends your love for Dota 2.

Kangaroo patch pocket

Even though this classic pocket design is spacious and comfortable, it might not be one of the sleekest ones. However, it makes the hoodie extra cozy!

Reflective logo not for everyone

The reflective logo on the back does make it a unique piece, but it is a statement detail that makes the hoodie very original and easy to spot. If that’s not what you want from your Dota 2 merch, you might want to look for clothes with a simpler and cleaner design.

Like most clothes, the Tech Zip Dota 2 hoodie might not be for everyone. However, its design, materials and overall details make it a merch piece that is perfect for a wide range of fans who want to distinguish themselves.

It is an evergreen fashion piece that reflects the spirit of the game and its fans. Besides being a merch piece, it is a beautiful and comfortable hoodie that is perfect for most casual occasions, with its quality materials and classic design. If you are a Dota 2 fan looking to buy some new merch, this is the first item to put on your list.

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