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Retweetable: @GoCurryCracker on fattening your FIRE; @Dappered goes full-price; @natekontny talks focus

November 7, 2017 | by Team HC

@GoCurryCracker covers retiring early and not living like a hermit:

Previously I explored how long it takes to become Financially Independent over the course of modern history. For visual thinkers I borrowed the following chart from that earlier work. What it shows (roughly) is that saving 50% of salary for 15 years +/- leads to assets worth 25x annual cost of living (aka the 4% Rule.) Faster, if you grow income faster than inflation and eschew lifestyle inflation.

An additional 3 and 5 years of work, on average, are required to reach 33x and 50x, respectively. (3% and 2% withdrawal rates.)

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@Dappered lists out its favorite full-priced fashions:

Who doesn’t like saving a buck or two? That’s one of the main reasons why this site exists. But every so often there comes along a product that delivers well above and beyond its asking price (whether that’s thanks to sales and promos, or… *gasp* even at full price). Here’s our favorites that land in that category. The best of the best when it comes to the cost to value ratio from the world of men’s style.

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@natekontny asks, How do you focus?

One thing I know is that the most common advice is to “turn off distractions”. There’s software to measure your time. Uninstall apps. Hack your computer’s DNS to make sure when you visit a site like Hacker News it ends up doing nothing. These all have a valid place.

But I think there’s a meta problem that needs to be solved first.

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