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Dressing Stylishly Casual Like Adam Gallagher @IamGalla

November 29, 2017 | by Scott

You want to be comfortable on the weekend, but you still want to look stylish. Instead of wearing button ups and clothing that just doesn’t make you feel relaxed when not at work, you can take some style tips from Adam Gallagher or @IamGalla as he is also known.

Apparently, his favorite season is fall, when the weather is just changing, and he can easily throw on something that can make for lounging around the house as well as going out on the town.

Replicating Adam’s “Favorite Season” Outfit

His outfits are the epitome of comfort, and in order to replicate them, you need some really basic pieces. Let’s put it together so you can copy it and be as relaxed and cool as Adam. So head on over to Target with your list here, because this outfit doesn’t need to be expensive.


Start out with a simple white T-shirt of your favorite brand. This doesn’t’ have to be tight, in fact, Adam wears a nice loose one. Pair that with a Goodfellow & Co. sweater from Target. Preferably you can get the Men’s Shawl Cable Cardigan from the look.


Also from the Goodfellow & Co. brand at Target, you can find their Chino Pants that are extremely comfortable. This brand is quite versatile. The pants fit athletic to tall and bigger body types.


Adam doesn’t show us his footwear, but you can easily pair it with stylish, comfortable sneakers or boots to complete the look.

All in all though with this outfit you are guaranteed to look good and feel good.

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