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Hoodies/Jeans/Sneakers: Commuters

November 27, 2017 | by Scott

Commuting by bike is booming, and more than ever guys are opting to pedal their way work. If you want to try a healthy way to commute without showing up drenched in sweat, all you need is your trusty uniform: hoodie/jeans/sneakers. Here are the must-have essentials that will make your commute much easier.

The Hoodie: Striped Thermal Hooded Long Sleeve Tee, $39

Even though temps are low, wearing a regular jacket won’t do while you’re biking or walking. This thermal striped hoodie from Urban Outfitters is perfect for commuting, and the hood is great for unexpected rain.

The Jeans: Skinny Jeans, Denim Blue, $18.74 (was $24.99)

Your regular jeans are fine for commuting, but you might want to try a pair that can be worn for work and where you are headed after. These skinny jeans from H&M can go to both! The jeans are available in multiple colors, and there’s a sweet discount at checkout.

The Sneakers: Chrome Kursk Pro 2.0 Bike Shoes, Grey, $95

Instead of carrying around extra shoes on your backpack, step out of the house in this luxe pair of sneakers by Chrome. You can clip them to your bike’s pedal for optimal pedal performance. Also, they are very comfortable for walking. If you’re a REI Member, you can save 20% on one full-price item with code GEARUP20. Don’t forget to wear a helmet! This old-school skate helmet by Bell is sleek looking and very comfortable.

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