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6 Gifts to Get Your Best Friend

November 28, 2017 | by Scott

That time of the year is almost upon us once again. Time to share and give. Most men are often concerned about what to get their best friends. No one ever wants to find themselves on the awkward side of gift giving.

The number one tip to gift giving for men is to keep it simple and make sure it is useful. Simple and useful is the winning combination.

Here are a few ideas that might steer you clear of being ‘That’ awkward friend.

Star Wars R2-D2 Coffee Press

We all have a friend that is addicted to coffee or a friend who cannot function without their morning coffee. Here is a perfectly simple, useful and amazing Star Wars themed gift for the coffee loving geek you call your best bud.

Get it here for $40.

Canvas Flask

This canvas hip flask is a perfect gift idea for outdoor enthusiasts. It comes with a shot glass built into the lid for the man who likes to rough it outdoors in style and mix cocktails on the move. It can hold up to 4 ounces.

Get it here for $18.

Mr. Bacon’s Big Adventure Board Game

This is sure to bring delight to any of your male buddies. A perfect gift for all your gaming pals. Picture Candy Land but with bacon. Who doesn’t love bacon?

You can buy it here for $2.

Sneaker Lab Deluxe Kit

We all have that one friend who is an absolute sneaker junkie. The one who has a closet dedicated to his most prized sneaker collection. Here is the perfect gift for him. The sneaker lab deluxe kit. This collection comes with a boot brush, protective spray, odor eliminator (very important) and leather conditioner. You might want to get one for yourself it is that impressive.

Get it here for $36.

Star Wars Super Graphic

For your best friend that is the superfan of Star Wars, you can get him this amazing new graphic way to explore all there is to know about the franchise. It will make you a hit with your friend, and him a firm favorite at trivia night and the next ComiCon event.

You can get it here for $20.

Giant Football Inflatable Drink Cooler

When football season rolls around, it always involves getting together with the boys to watch the game and have a few cold ones. You know how frustrating it is to constantly have to get up and walk over to the refrigerator to top up your drink when the game is on or at its peak. You can get your friend this amazing inflatable drink cooler that can be placed anywhere close to where you are watching the game.

You can buy it here for $15.

Buying and gift giving for you guys friends no longer have to be stressful or awkward. Just stick to the rule of keeping the gift simple and useful. You best friend will appreciate the gift for many years. Happy shopping!

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