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Hoodies/Jeans/Sneakers: The Essentials

December 4, 2017 | by Scott

Who doesn’t want to craft their own unique style? Even with a uniform like hoodies/jeans/sneakers, you can create a stylish look that you can call all your own!

Unfortunately, this doesn’t come easy for everyone, so how can you get a little help? The three pieces below will give you all the help you need in order to put together the customized look of your dreams.

The Hoodie: Colorblock Half-Zip Hoodie, Grey Camo, $39.95

A printed hoodie is great to layer with a winter jacket. You can even add a thermal shirt underneath or a white t-shirt depending on the weather that day. This specific hoodie is really comfortable and made out of supersoft fleece fabric. It also comes in black/grey, and white/grey in case camo is not your thing.

The Jeans: Relaxed Skinny Jeans, $17.99 (was $29.99)

A closet staple that is also perfect for this season is skinny jeans. You can style them with sneakers or boots depending on the occasion. Wear these dark grey jeans from H&M with a dark hoodie, and black coat and sneakers for a sleek monochrome look. For a limited time only, you can save 10% off your purchase at H&M using the code 9045.

The Sneakers: Contrasting Sneakers With Thick Soles, $89.90

These sneakers look retro cool, and the best part is that they are under $100 which is why if you don’t shop at Zara give it a visit. Zara often has trendy shoes on sale or at budget-friendly prices.

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