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The Evil Within 2: Review

December 6, 2017 | by Scott

Developed by Tango GameWorks and published by Bethesda Softworks, the evil within was originally introduced in 2010 as a horror video game. Although in third-person the game is based on the leading character Sebastian Castellanos, both a family man and detective. With somewhat gruesome scenes in different settings throughout the game, Sebastian needs to battle a constant nightmare of monsters. The game is played in chapters, and each needs to be completed before players can successfully advance.

The Evil Within 2 is a survival horror video game about with generally positive reviews, with the consensus agreeing that it was a superior game to its predecessor. The onset of the game is devastating as it tragically introduces a young girl Sebastian Castellanos’ daughter being set alight. And this follows with the detective entering into an utter nightmare.

Although it is considerably different from its predecessor game, it is somewhat similar in its narrative to the original release, which may be slightly disappointing for fans.

For certain though it is a revolutionary forerunner in the psychological gaming world with its robotic acceleration. Especially when compared with the likes of its predecessor. This new introduction may just have you feeling utterly helpless! With significant development the sound composition of The Evil Within 2 is first-class, and with the many different challenges, the scenes that it presents are absolutely mind-chilling.

Amidst the various quests within the game, before all else, players need to select their battle with absolute craftiness. Although leaning towards horror, it also relies on action which balances out this game. But don’t think just because you got it, it’s not going to kick-back at you!

There are all kinds of monsters presenting different challenges by prowling you throughout the game causing somewhat graphic moments.

That brings us to the forefront of the game that it is not routine, and there is a lot of speculation about where the game is headed regarding Sebastian’s daughter. However the theme of the game is its secrecy, and it has genuinely cultivated with many surprising elements throughout the plot.

In the end the chapters bring together an emotional journey that is always remembered. Overall, Tango Gameworks took all the criticism from the predecessor game and presented gaming fans with a humongous improvement. It presents every player with much more to ponder as they venture through the game and as it builds on from the original. Ultimately gamers need to be on guard!


  • More compelling visuals than the original game
  • Improved technique and tighter controls from the original
  • Substantially faster speed
  • Brilliant lighting
  • Impactful, with a substantial jump from action in the first game to now alarming horror
  • A constant challenge
  • A larger background to explore


The lack of ammunition at first seemed like a con, but in the end, I liked how it kept the enemies to the very end of the game being something to be feared. The lack of ammunition made the enemies always a threat, which they should be in a survival horror. Plus, almost every encounter you could avoid shooting with stealth, and the boss fights are where ammo mattered, the player is supplied with ammo whenever he gets low.

I give the game like a 9, but if I had to pick one flaw, the most significant con was the cover mechanic. The cover is sticky, like Gears of War and there were times I couldn’t “unstick” from cover quickly, in moments where seconds mattered.

Final Thoughts:

With this sequel, the game really turns around all the issues from the first game. It’s a fantastic survival horror game, almost like watching all your favorite scary movies combine into one game.

So if you’re a fan of survival horror, The Evil Within 2 is up there with The Last of Us (TLOU is one of the best survival horror games), Resident Evil 1 and 2, and Dead Space. The story isn’t as good as TLOU, but that’s to be debated, and everything else in the game is rock solid.

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