How to Wear a Flannel Shirt

December 13, 2017 | by Scott

Are you the rugged type? Or would you like to look like you are? Even if you’re more likely to be found in a café or record store than in a forest, a plaid shirt is an easy way to channel your inner lumberjack.

Of course, a flannel shirt is now more likely to be seen on a 20-something hipster on the streets than it is on a grizzled 50-something brandishing a chainsaw in the forests of North America.

But whatever your personal style, as winter draws in you’ll welcome the warmth of this long-sleeved thick flannel shirt. It traps a layer of warm air, keeping you cozy all winter long. The cotton is brushed inside and out, meaning it’s soft on your skin – and great for snuggles with that special someone in your life!

In classic red, this shirt looks great and feels great. It’s from Uniqlo so you can be guaranteed the quality will be great. And at just $19.99, the price is certainly great too.

How to Style It

This is the ultimate versatile shirt, perfect for every casual or even smart-casual occasion. One of the many beauties of a plaid flannel shirt is that whoever you are, and whatever your personal style, you can make it your own.

For your classic outdoors-guy look, pair it with jeans and sturdy steel-capped boots – mud optional. For added warmth, it layers well under a coat too.

For a more hipster take on this old fashion favorite, try it with corduroy trousers or turn-up jeans and converse sneakers. Have fun with your accessories, add bow ties or black-framed glasses for a more quirky look. All you need now is a laptop and cup of artisan coffee.

And if you’re a rock or grunge fan, leave it open over a plain t-shirt or even tied around your waist. Add skinny jeans and a leather jacket for that rock ‘n’ roll look.

Plaid flannel shirts wouldn’t look out of place in many workplaces. In fact, they’re perfect for those in-between environments where a suit is too formal, but a t-shirt a little too lax. You’ll stand out in meetings in just the right way.

Button your flannel shirt up to keep the cold out. Or leave the top button undone for a more casual style.

This shirt also scores practical points with its breast pocket designed to fit an ID card or passport.

Just be warned – if you’ve got a partner, you may find your plaid flannel shirt goes missing on a regular basis. They look great on women too.


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