Cole Haan Air Conner Front

Cole Haan’s Air Conner: The Mullet of Shoes

August 25, 2015 | by Josh

Today we bring you a great deal from the other side of the proverbial train tracks in fashion city. The Air Conner shoe from Cole Haan is over 50% off of the Amazon price. It’s a great deal if you’re looking for a shoe that’s business in front and a party in the back.

Cole Haan Air Conner, $89.95 (originally $228.00)

Cole Haan Air Conner

Cole Haan works with Nike to incorporate Nike Air technology into some of their shoes. This is in an attempt marry comfort with style, which is a goal we are behind completely. The problem is that we can’t tell if these shoes are awesome, or if they are another one of Frankenstein’s monsters. Why not both?

Feel free to check out the rest of the men’s shoes on sale from Cole Haan here.


Shout out to Justin S. for the mullet joke.

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