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Get Ralph Lauren Custom-Fit Polo Shirts For $36

July 23, 2015 | by Josh

Ralph Lauren makes some classics (if you aren’t averse to having a brand prominently displayed on your clothing). Up until now Macy’s had been beating Ralph Lauren on price. That is up until RL started this summer sale. If you use the promo code SUMMER40,  you get an additional 40% off of everything already on sale. Here are a couple of quick picks.

Ralph Lauren Custom-Fit Mesh Polo, $35.99 (originally $85.00)

Ralph Lauren Custom Fit Mesh Polo

There are still many colors and sizes available for this slender-cut classic polo. If you need a little bit more room around the mid-section, check out their Classic-Fit Polo at the same price.

Ralph Lauren Slim-Fit Stretch Chino, $53.99 (originally $125.00)

Ralph Lauren Slim-Fit Stretch Chino

A lightweight cotton pant for those warm summer days. Slim-Fit will keep you looking good while the stretch will make sure you’re still able tie your shoes.

Ralph Lauren Vaughn Preppy Chino Sneakers, $23.99 (originally 59.99)

Ralph Lauren Vaughn Preppy Chino Sneaker

Remember to use the SUMMER40 code at checkout to get the best price. Again, quite a few colors and sizes available. These are a great shoe for all of your brunching needs.

There are a few hundred other items deeply discounted. Check out the rest of the sale and let us know what else you find in the comments!


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