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June 22, 2015 | by Paul

The Mad Men days are over. The gray-blue-black masses of conformity no longer swarm the trains and highways on the morning commute, covered in worsted wool and fedoras. Few jobs require a suit these days.

Sure, there are bankers and lawyers and politicians — those with “serious” jobs. But who wants those jobs? I’m not trying to loan you money, get your speeding ticket reduced, or shill for campaign contributions. This site isn’t for those guys.

This site is for us, the guys that work in “casual” or “business casual” offices, offices where jeans aren’t just worn on Fridays. Sure, we wear sneakers, but we have stock options too.

This site is for us, the always-connected technology workers. We work on our laptops and smartphones. We could probably work from anywhere, but many of us still go into a formal office. We just don’t dress formally.

This site is for us, the guys that shop around for the best prices online. We dress smart. We want to get our money’s worth. Why pay full price when there are so many opportunities to save?

So that’s what we’ll be doing here — saving you money on the clothing, shoes, accessories, and technology you want. We don’t do suits. We don’t do ties. We don’t do dress shoes. We do casual, Hacker Casual.

[Photo: Nicolas Raymond]

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