Get Bonobos Travel Jeans On Sale For $47

July 28, 2015 | by Paul

Bonobos is running a 40% off sale items promotion. If you use the promo code SUMMERFEST, they’ll knock an additional 40% off the already-reduced price. Yep, that’s a solid deal. Here are a few ideas:

Bonobos Travel Jeans in Boulder Grey, $47 (was $98)

When you’re traveling, bag space is at a premium. Which means you need a pair of pants that can handle anything. That’s precisely why we created Travel Jeans. Made in the USA from Cone Denim®, they have a hint of stretch for comfort, they’re naturally resistant to wrinkles, and they can do pretty much anything chinos can. But, yes, they are still jeans for all those denim lovers out there.


Bonobos Flatiron Premium Denim Jeans in Dark Tint Wash, $51 (was $145)

Blue jeans are a classic, all-American style, and it’s nice to be able to offer denim that’s made entirely in the USA. The denim is woven at North Carolina’s famous Cone® mill, and it’s stitched and riveted in the denim capital of the world—Los Angeles, California.


Bonobos Washed Chino Shorts in various colors, $35 (was $68)

It seems obvious, but great pants ought to make great shorts, no? We thought so. Which is why we took the same formula of soft twill fabric and perfect fit from our Washed Chinos, and used it in an amazing pair of summer shorts.


Shop the full sale here >>

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