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Friday Reading List Featuring @lifehacker @Dappered @styleGF @liliputingnews @modestmanstyle @verge

July 31, 2015 | by Paul

Did you upgrade to Windows 10 this week? Are you thinking about it? Lifehacker has you covered:

Thinking about buying some flowers for a lady? Read this from Dappered:

Style Girlfriend talked High Stakes Dating this week:

HSD refers to the serious condition of attraction to a woman who is very close to another person in your life. There’s a direct link, a single degree of separation. Not like, your friend’s roommate’s friend, but liiiike…your roommate’s little sister, your friend’s coworker, your older sister’s best friend.

You’ll probably die in a plane crash … if you’re in a plane crash. Art of Manliness explains:

Need to hem some pants and don’t trust a tailor? Read this (from The Modest Man):

Feeling “meh” about Windows? Well, Asus announced a pair of Zenfones this week (via Liliputing):

I’m partial to the new Moto X though (via The Verge):


Have a great weekend!

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