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The Top 10 Reasons You Should Wear Shorts At Work

April 6, 2016 | by Josh

Shorts are much maligned. Even a writer for this site (that will go unnamed) shared “The Top 10 Reasons You Should Not Wear Shorts At Work” after we’ve discussed it at length and he knows I totally disagree. I’m 100% behind the #FreeTheKnee movement, so here’s a ton of reasons (10, there are 10 reasons) that you should definitely be wearing shorts to work:

1) They’re comfy

Enough said, free the knees and let the balls breathe.

2) It’s hot out

Pants look better? The sweat-soaked hair and shirt don’t. You know that there are pants with air conditioning built in, right? They are called shorts.

3) It’s hot in

Offices are climate controlled, unless you’re sitting next to huge windows. Or if you’re stuck in a closed conference room. Do you want to be a sweaty mess? Is that what gives you that little bit of extra confidence when you’re leading a meeting? Man up and take control of your own comfort.

4) You have things to do after work that don’t involve pants

Golfing after work? Tailgating a ball game? Drinking on a patio? Commuting in a 100°F train. Shorts!

5) We don’t work at companies where HR dictates what we wear

Dictating what workers should wear at a corporate level is an accepted pastime for large, old companies.  But what about this: If your organization doesn’t trust you to dress appropriately depending on if you’re going to have a client visit or a just a normal day at the office, they probably don’t trust you with very much else. Does anybody like us work for these old stodgy companies anymore?

6) My legs are sexy, let me show you them

Unleash those glorious legs! Don’t let anyone make you think that your legs are ugly.

7) Women get to wear skirts, and you are pro-equality

If anyone gives you grief, just let them know that if they keep it up you’ll wear your kilt tomorrow. And then follow through.

8) Shorts are Fashion Forward

Not too long ago, men were socially shunned if they weren’t wearing a hat in public. More recently than that, a suit and tie were required attire at smoke-filled offices. The trend it clear, and we want to be on the right side of history!

9) I can be trusted not to be the guy in cargo shorts and a Megadeth t-shirt

Back to the company regulations. You can look professional without having your wardrobe choices limited by the powers that be. You’re responsible enough to skip the baggy ’90s cargo shorts and your favorite band t-shirt outfit. That is unless you’re working over the weekend.

10) If you’re wearing clothes that fit well, you can make almost anything look professional

This applies to everything from hoodies & jeans to shorts. Maybe not flip-flops… but there are a few guys that wear flip-flops in my office. Part of the startup culture that I’m still trying to get behind.

If you keep your shorts at 11″ or under and they’re not baggy, it’s easy to pull them off with any button-down/polo + sneakers sans socks or boat shoes to look casually put together.

Examples please?

These are some takes on classic shorts that look great.  They are also made of interesting enough fabric that you won’t be the guy wearing Docker’s pleated and cuffed khaki shorts every day.

WARNING: It’s going to get pretty preppy pretty quickly right now.

JCrew 9″ Stanton Short in Japanese Indigo Chambray $56 with the code GETSHOPPING

JCrew 10.5″ Club Short in Striped Irish Linen $52 with the code GETSHOPPING

JCrew 10.5″ Club Short in Oxford Cloth in Dusty Aqua $48 with the code GETSHOPPING


If you have any ideas on looking professional while wearing shorts at the office without going preppy, let us know in the comments or on Twitter.

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