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Outfit Hacking: Winter Jacket Layering, Summer Sale Edition

August 13, 2015 | by Josh

Moosejaw is having a wonderful sale on their outdoor gear. High-end technical winter gear rarely goes on deep discount, so even though we’re in the dead of summer, we’re going to put together a layered jacket setup for you that will keep you warm and dry during the fall, winter, and spring. Whether it stays below freezing in your city during winter, or if everything closes when it snows, we’ve got you covered. Don’t miss these deals.

The Hard Shell

To quote Arc’teryx

Your outermost layer is a key element. A hardshell provides the most weather protection. Hardshells are fully windproof, waterproof and breathable.

Waterproof and windproof are the keys here. Not water resistant. Waterproof. Staying dry and blocking winter wind will make it much easier for your insulating layers to do their job.

Arcteryx Men’s Beta AR Jacket, $299.99 (originally $548.95)

[Note: Citron jackets are priced most aggressively and sizes are limited.]

Think Moosejaw may be touting a price that’s never actually been charged for this jacket? Think again, is selling this jacket for over $500. This is an excellent price for a technical hard shell. This jacket is sporting GORE-TEX Pro to keep you dry, and it’s a hip length jacket to get the fit you’re looking for.

From Moosejaw:

If, for some reason, society collapses and we enter a state of pure chaos, I will instantly run into our warehouse and grab an Arc’teryx Men’s Beta AR Jacket (and then a couple of our heftiest ice axes). I would want the no-nonsense protection with bombproof durability. The GORE-TEX Pro will block wind, rain, snow and whatever else falls from the sky in our broken world. It is light and packable with an athletic fit that will accommodate layers for the coldest winters (of our discontent).

That’s a ringing endorsement right there!

Arc'teryx Beta AR Jacket

The Insulation

Mid Layers focus on keeping you warm, but with limited water and wind resistance.

Marmot Men’s Ajax Jacket, $111.99 (originally $149.95)

[Note: Steel jackets are priced most aggressively.]

Down has the highest weight to warmth ratio. That coupled with the fact that this is a great looking jacket make it a great pick. From Moosejaw:

The Marmot Men’s Ajax Jacket is a down jacket for everyday winter adventure. The Ajax is ready for everything from work or school to weekend trails, the bar or hanging by the campfire. No matter where you’re going, the 600 fill down with Down Defender is lightweight and warm for handling the winter chill and treated to resist moisture. The regular fit allows for layering under and over the jacket, so you can adjust appropriately depending on how cold it is outside.

Just try not to get it wet. Wet feathers are the worst.

Marmot Ajax Jacket

Marmot Men’s Alpinist Tech Jacket, $76.99 (originally $124.95)

[Note: Cinder / Dark Granite and Blue Sapphire / Navy jackets are priced most aggressively.]

Fleece has surpassed down in popularity over the past couple of decades. As a man-made fabric, it has been getting better rapidly both in looks and utility. You can wear this light jacket in the spring or fall, and when it gets too cold or wet you toss your hard shell on over it. Lightweight layering combined with great looks — that’s tough to beat.

Marmot Alpinist Tech Jacket

But I’m Smart Enough to Live Somewhere Warm!

This is where Soft Shells come in. Water and wind resistant, they’re like the insulating mid layers on steroids. They combine the durability of a hard shell with the warmth and looks of the mid layer. They can be layered as well, so whether you’re looking for a mid layer with more functionality or if you just like the look there’s no reason to skip jackets in this category.

Arcteryx Men’s Gamma MX Jacket, $208.99 (originally $298.95)

[Note: Kyanos and Mantis Green jackets are priced most aggressively.]

This is the cream of the crop. Moosejaw said it for us:

The Arc’teryx Men’s Gamma MX Jacket is, in my incredibly biased opinion, one of the best soft shells on the market. My bias comes from the fact that everything Arc’teryx puts out is of the highest quality and from my few years owning a Gamma MX jacket. This versatile soft shell mid-layer utilizes Arc’teryx’s Fortius 2.0 fabric to achieve the perfect balance of mobility, style and elemental protection. I bought it for the style; the fact that it sheds rain, blocks wind and is super warm are just bonuses (bonuses that come in handy in inclement weather). Whatever your needs, this jacket will suit them.

Arcteryx Gamma MX Jacket

Marmot Men’s Leadville Jacket, $99.99 (originally $169.95)

[Note: Peak Blue / Dark Sapphire jackets are priced most aggressively.]

The Leadville is 100% stretch polyester, and integrates Gore Windstopper technology. That means that even though it’s a lightweight jacket with great breathability, it will protect you from the elements until winter hits in earnest. There are a few extra colors available for this jacket on the product page.

Marmot Leadville



The rest of Moosejaw’s sale has what they consider to be the best of the best gear on sale. Let us know if there’s any steals you find in the comments!

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