Converse Chuck Taylor All Star II Review Roundup

August 20, 2015 | by Paul

Man, these shoes are getting a LOT of press. We’ve been no different — we featured the new Chuck IIs in our weekly Hoodies/Jeans/Sneakers post 3.5 weeks ago. How are people liking them? Let’s look:

Dappered reviews the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star II and says:

… the All Star II is like a great movie sequel – it’s The Empire Strikes Back (not that Phantom Menace garbage). Converse took all of your favorite characters and gave them modern sensibilities for 2015. Keep Reading >>

Gizmodo writes:

Usually when there is a rush for shoes, it’s caused by a bunch of sneaker nerds lining up to get some special edition. In this case, it was more like people lining up for iPhones. This shoe will be mass-produced. There will be more next week, and the week after that, and assuming people keep buying them, there will be Chuck IIs for a hundred years … They feel like real shoes now, instead of like shoddy canvas sacks for feet. Keep Reading >>

The LA Times review was pretty intense:

So over the course of three days I tested a white Oxford-style low-top Chuck Taylor All Star II against a same-color original version of the low-top — side by side, with one on each foot. The biggest surprise — apart from the fact that not a soul seemed to notice — was … Keep Reading >>

GQ was a bit more brief:

… at just $75 for the high-tops and $70 for the lows, they’re not just worth the money—they’re a legitimate game-changer for fans of the sneaker everywhere. Keep Reading >>


So people love them when they wear them, but they still sit in the shadow of an icon. That’s a tough spot to be, but I expect the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star II to do just fine. I’m just trying to decide which color to grab. I always wanted green.

You want a pair? Get a pair of low-tops on Nordstrom for $70 or a pair of high-tops for $75. Free shipping, free returns.


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