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Hoodies/Jeans/Sneakers: August 24, 2015

August 24, 2015 | by Paul

It’s the stereotypical hacker outfit. Do it wrong, and you look like you’re still living with mom. Do it right, and you look like a million bucks (in unvested stock options). Here are three items — a hoodie, some jeans, and a pair of sneakers — worth a look this week.

The Hoodie: Burton Roe Pullover Hoodie, $39 (was $70)

Backcountry.com is running a semiannual sale and this hoodie is included in the mix. Shop the full sale here to find deals on other outdoor gear. If you wear a size small, you can get a great deal on this Marmot hoodie or this North Face hoodie. If you’re a medium or large, check out this hoodie from Patagonia. But the Burton has universal appeal. Salmon color is the best deal; blue is a bit more.


The Jeans: Levi’s 514 Straight-Fit Jeans, Tumbled Rigid Wash, $40 (was $58)

Macy’s is running a Back-To-School Deals sale that makes these great Levi’s jeans $18 cheaper than normal. Lots of sizes available and the color is classic and timeless. Shop their full sale here. More on Levi’s here.


The Sneakers: Nike X J. Crew Killshot 2 Sneakers, $70

Here’s the thing: I want these. The internet knows I want these. So now everywhere I go, J. Crew Killshot 2 ads. Everywhere — Facebook, reading the news, watching videos — J. Crew ads are everywhere. I figure, if you could just do me this solid and clear out their stock, then the ads would go away. Or I could just buy a pair. I could use some shoes.


The Tech Bonus: Asus Laptops, $150-750

We could all use more laptops in our lives, right? Well, this one is $150 and comes with Windows 10, a year of Office 365, and a year of 1TB of Microsoft OneDrive storage. Need more oomph and sex appeal? Well, Amazon is offering a $50 rebate on the 13″ Asus UX305 Zenbook. Need even more horsepower? Pre-order the model with the Intel i5 processor. I’m tempted to.

Need a use for your extra laptops? Read this.


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