TOMS Surprise Sale

TOMS (the feel-good company) is having a Surprise Sale!

September 2, 2015 | by Josh

TOMS is having a “Surprise Sale” which will get us off to 70% off of select styles which ends tomorrow. You will, though, have to fork over your email address to view the items on sale. If you’ve never worn a pair of TOMS shoes, I have to let you know that they are really comfortable (and they have that little “buy a pair, we’ll send a pair to a child in need” thing). Don’t just take my word for it; here’s a quick blurb on TOMS from Peter K Greer, the CEO of Hope International:

I’ve finally joined the tribe and I have to admit, these shoes are really comfortable and way more stylish shoes than anything I’ve ever owned. More importantly, I finally feel good about supporting them. Here’s why. […] TOMS Shoes will open a shoe-manufacturing business in Haiti this January. 100 Haitians will be on the payroll. It’s a small step. Yet it’s a huge change in the company’s approach. They recognize that the greatest good might not be the shoes they give away, but the jobs they create.

Enough of the feels, back to our picks from this sale!

TOMS Navy Suede Rope Sole Men’s Classics, $35.40 (originally $59.00)

The classic TOMS slipper shoe. You will find these being worn in every city by both the fashionable crowd, and the schlubs making sure their feet are as comfortable as possible. Also available in Black, Grey, and Chocolate flavors.

TOMS Navy Suede Rope Sole Mens Classics


TOMS Navy Canvas Men’s Paseos, $35.40 (originally $59.00)

The canvas on this shoe will fade over time, transforming into a shoe unique to you. Great with jeans, or go sockless and rock them with shorts. There’s a black shoe available in the same style. It looks very “service industry” if you’re into that.

TOMS Navy Canvas Men's Paseo


TOMS Grey Chambray Men’s Brogues, $49.00 (originally $98.00)

I own a pair of Sperry Canvas Oxfords that are my go-to ‘dressy casual’ shoes. They work as well at a beach in the Caribbean as they do at a the office summer picnic, and I get more comments on those shoes from the ladies than from anything else in my wardrobe. The TOMS Brogues, offered in both a chambray and a twill, offer the same benefits at 50% of the price (female attention may vary)! They look great sockless with shorts, they work well with jeans, and you can even pull them off with a light-colored twill suit for a summer wedding. These are extremely versatile summer shoes at a great price! Both the Chambray and the Twill shoes are offered in alternate colors.

TOMS Grey Chambray Men's Brogues


TOMS Sesame Cotton Twill Men’s Chukka Boots, $58.80 (originally $98.00)

Fall is approaching, so we’re going to have to start talking about boots. These chukkas look great, and they’ll set you apart from the rest of the masses’ leather chukkas. Keeping it stylish but comfortable, with a side of foot breathability, is a good thing!

TOMS Sesame Cotton Twill Mens Chukka Boots


While we just covered the shoes (and boots) today, there are a number of other items discounted at the TOMS Surprise Sale. There are sunglasses galore, as well as bags of all sizes discounted. Just because something didn’t catch our eye doesn’t mean it won’t catch yours!


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