Upgrade Your Battlestation: Monitor Deals from the Monoprice Labor Day Sale

September 3, 2015 | by Josh

Monoprice, thanks to their Labor Day Sale, has three monitors at fantastic prices until their sale ends next Monday (9/7/2015).

If you haven’t heard of Monoprice, they’re one of the companies that I respect the most. They drive prices down by buying the same technology that the rest of the big names use in their products, and they slap their own brand name on it and sell it with very little markup. In addition they offer free S+H on orders over $75.

Let’s dig into these monitors. We’ll start with the best deal before we move onto some large-format monitors.


Monoprice 24-inch 1080p Gaming Monitor, $159.99 (originally $249.99)

If you’re in the market for a monitor, this bad boy was considered a “must buy” a few months ago when it was reduced to $215. At $159.99 Monoprice has basically decided to give this monitor away! While it’s a TN panel instead of an IPS display (most likely the main driver behind the price drop) this monitor supports 1920×1080 resolution at 144Hz. This is an unbelievable deal.


Monoprice 30-inch IPS LED Monitor, $499 (originally $609.33)

A 30 inch monitor is huge, and they usually demand a pretty penny, so as you’d imagine this monitor at $499 is a great price. There aren’t many 30″ monitors around, and they rarely go on sale because of it. This display is so inexpensive that it’s only $100 more than the 27″ ASUS IPS display on sale for $399 that is pushing 2560×1440 resolution, whereas the Monoprice offering can push 2560×1600.  Here’s a review of the Monoprice 30-inch IPS Monitor from

VERDICT : Pros: Low price, all-metal chassis, decent image quality with proper adjustment, Adobe RGB gamut Cons: Poor out-of-box accuracy, no sRGB gamut preset, middling contrast Verdict: A 30-inch 16:10 monitor is a rare bird these days, and as such, another brand will cost you at least $1000. If you need a wide-gamut screen, the Monoprice 30-inch IPS LED is one of the cheapest regardless of size. With a little tweaking, it delivers a good image and correspondingly good value.

Monoprice 30-inch IPS LED Monitor



Monoprice 27-inch LED Backlit Monitor, $299 (originally $460.62)

If you’re not looking for an IPS monitor, this large-format offering is a bit overpriced. Honestly , you need to weigh this option with the BenQ 27″ monitor from Newegg for $189.99. BenQ is a top-tier brand and their monitor is more than $100 cheaper. The reason that Monoprice’s screen is more expensive (besides the size) is because it supports a 2560×1440 resolution compared to the 1920×1080 for the BenQ offering. On a 27″ monitor those extra pixels would make a big different to me, but if you’re just looking for a larger monitor so that your grandma can more easily read text then the BenQ would better suit your needs.

Monoprice 27-inch LED Backlit Monitor


Remember to check out the rest of Monoprice’s Labor Day Sale. They have Lightning cables to charge your Apple devices for $2.99, Monoprice-branded Wacom tablets for around $40, Z-wave home automation equipment, and as always they have cables galore!

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