J. Crew Factory: 50% Off Of All Menswear

September 4, 2015 | by Josh

J. Crew Factory is throwing down with their Labor Day sale, which runs until midnight on Monday September 7th. This are no coupon codes to manage for this one and no product exclusions in the Men’s section, so this sale is a biggie.

There are a some great casual picks, but the biggest deals are on suiting options. For suiting, there’s no way we can cover it better than already did so check out what they have to say about this sale:

Been a while since J. Crew Factory lifted the exclusions umbrella on their suiting, and half-off the “valued at” price drops their stuff into very fair territory. Plus they recently launched what appears to be much of if not most of their fall line, and as has been the case in recent years, the stuff they make should catch plenty of eyeballs around these parts.

Check out the rest of the article and Dappered’s picks by clicking on the image below!

Dappered J.Crew Factory Sale



If you made it this far without heading over to Dappered, then maybe you’d like to check out our favorite picks from the J. Crew Factory sale: These cords will keep your legs comfy and warm as fall fast approaches for just $35. You’re welcome. Also, ‘murica socks.

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