Apple Launches Surface Pro, Fire TV, Galaxy Tab Stylus

September 10, 2015 | by Paul

Seriously. Apple now has their version of the Microsoft Surface Pro complete with keyboard case. They’ve got an Amazon Fire TV clone complete with remote / game controller. And they’ve got a stylus, just like the one that comes with the Samsung Galaxy Note.


You can now get an Hermes strap on your iWatch. So that’s something. You can “time travel” throughout your day … which sounds a lot like the Pebble Time functionality.

And the iPhone 6 models got new guts. (Surprise!) And a new color. (Yay!)

Is Apple is getting boring despite their “incredible pace of innovation?” It took them a really long time to get the message about the bigger-screened iPhone. This just seems like a continuation of that narrative.

But maybe technology is getting boring. What’s the exciting feature in Android-land? A finger print sensor. Where’d they get that idea?

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