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HC Quick Picks: 40% Off of On-Sale Items from Banana Republic

September 11, 2015 | by Josh

The code BRSALE gets you 40% off of preexisting sale items at Banana Republic through September 14th. Also, free shipping is available on orders over $50.

As usual Banana Republic has a lot of gear on sale, so this will be a long list.  As we all know Banana Republic makes some great looking and high quality clothing. With these prices now may be a good time to overhaul your button-down collection. We’re only covering a few of the button downs, so it would be worthwhile to check the rest of them out on the BR sale site, because there are a lot of great options. Come along with me and I’ll give you my favorite shirt, pant, jacket and accessory picks from BR’s fall sale!


Banana Republic Tailored Slim-Fit Non-Iron Denim Shirt, $50.99 (originally $89.50)

Banana Republic has been known for their great shirting, and this goes for their denim shirts as well. Tailored so you won’t get that baggy look, as well as a button-down collar so you don’t have to spend your time ironing an unruly collar after a couple of wears.

Banana Republic Tailored Slim-Fit Non-Iron Denim Shirt



Banana Republic Tailored Slim-Fit Non-Iron Textured Shirt, $44.99 (originally $79.50)

Like most BR shirts, this has a bold accent color inside the cuffs and underneath the buttons. The non-iron fabric will keep pesky wrinkles out of this shirt, and again a button down collar to doubly make sure your iron stays in the closet. The tailored slim-fit will eliminate any bagginess that you’ve experienced from department store shirts, but if you’re a bigger guy you may be more interested in BR’s classic fit shirts.

Banana Republic Tailored Slim-Fit Non-Iron Textured Shirt



Banana Republic Tailored Slim-Fit Custom 078 Wash Bengal Stripe Shirt, $35.99 (originally $64.50)

Don’t let your monitor play tricks on you, this shirt has sharp-looking blue vertical stripes. If you’re on TV you’ll probably want to skip this shirt to avoid any optical illusions, but they look great in person! Their Custom 078 wash makes the fabric some of the softest you’ll feel in a dress shirt, though the verdict is out how this may impact shirt durability. Again, if you’re a bigger guy, skip the Tailored Slim-Fit shirts for the classic fit offerings.

Banana Republic Tailored Slim-Fit Bengal Shirt



Banana Republic Tailored Slim-Fit Custom 078 Wash Multi-Gingham Shirt, $33.01 (originally $64.50)

Another very soft shirt thanks to the Custom 078 Wash, even with the tailored slim-fit this shirt is very casual. It’ll look great untucked with jeans, and $33 for BR shirting is a steal!

Banana Republic Tailored Slim-Fit Multi Gingham Shirt




Banana Republic Vintage Washed Pocket Crew, $23.99 (originally $44.50)

Like most of BR’s sweaters, this one is form fitting. While this sale doesn’t have many merino wool sweater options, this 100% cotton shirt is a very versatile option that’s aggressively priced at $23.

Banana Republic Vintage Washed Pocket Crew




Banana Republic Slim Luxe-Touch Button-Down Utility Shirt, $23.99 (originally $54.50)

The fit is a little tight for this shirt, because that’s what they were going for. If you want it to fit more like a golf polo (that’s what the fabric looks like anyway) you should size up.

Banana Republic Slim Luxe-Touch Button-Down Utility Shirt



Banana Republic Vintage White Polo, $25.80 (originally $49.50)

This lightweight, slub-knit weave shirt is the essence of casual. That being said, it drapes well and has enough details in the pockets and epaulettes for this to fall in the realm of ‘fashionable’.

Banana Republic Vintage White Polo



Banana Republic Aiden Slim Lightweight Chino, $9.59-$30.59 (originally $69.50)

One of my favorite pairs of pants, the Aiden Chino is deeply discounted. The challenge is that it’s in a number of different colors with limited sizing available. I picked up a 32×32 pair for $9.59, so there’s hope for you too! Click on all three links provided and sort through the colors. There’s a chance that you’ll pick up a $9 pair of pants today too!

Banana Republic Aiden Lightweight Slim Chinos




Banana Republic Coated Linen Jacket, $70.18 (originally $190.00)

This lined, coated linen jacket has a lining that makes it perfect for spring/fall wear. More on the casual side than dressy, you shouldn’t even get too much grief for the popped collar because it’s nice and tiny.

Banana Republic Coated Linen Jacket



Banana Republic Indigo Denim Jacket, $35.99 (originally $120.00)

Another nice jacket for fall, and a great price for BR denim. Be aware that the fit is a bit short and there aren’t pockets for you to keep your hands in. If those two things are deal breakers, then sadly you should pass on this $35 (!!) denim jacket. Also, please only pop your collar on cold windy days. Please?

Banana Republic Indigo Denim Jacket



Banana Republic Rugged Canvas Briefcase, $75.59 (originally $140.00)

A slim bag big enough for a 15″ laptop. The perfect size for running around in the city, though if you’re on a longer trip you may want to check out the larger canvas weekend bag for $106.

Banana Republic Rugged Canvas Briefcase



Check out the rest of the sale at the BR website. This is a huge one, and we’ve only just scratched the surface.

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