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Review of Style Girlfriend’s (@StyleGF) 2015 Men’s Fall Style Guide

September 16, 2015 | by Josh

Style Girlfriend has released their 2015 Men’s Fall Style Guide, and we’re going to review it for you!

[PDF Warning] Click here to download their style guide

The Content is Fantastic

Style Girlfriend 2015 Style Guide Casual Friday

The content is broken into Work and School, catering to both the older and younger demographics. Office and School outfits are broken down into one base fit, followed up with a few remixes that focus on re-accessorizing the outfit to freshen it up. These lists aren’t meant to be a comprehensive closet overhaul, instead they’re designed as a picture-heavy quick-hits list of a few key outfits you should try and compile for the fall.

There are a few pieces throughout their picks that I disagree with, but I think that’s what’s fun about fashion. Everything is a guideline, there are no rules.

Style Girlfriend 2015 Style Guide Moisturizer

As a bonus they’ve included some grooming products. They’re something that aren’t talked about enough amongst men, but if you want to look like you’re 30 when you’re 40 you will heed their advice on face lotions!


The Gripes

Right off the bat there were two things that were offputting:

  1. I had to download a PDF
  2. The link to the PDF and the products inside of the PDF were all bitly links

So, PDFs aren’t terribly mobile friendly. Also, I’ve spent enough time on IRC in my life that if I click on a bitly link I’m going to have to explain to my boss/wife what lemonparty is.


Why I Got Over My Gripes, And You Should Too

It’s revision 1! We’re in technology, so we’re all about Lean (if you’re not nodding your head, do yourself a favor and grab this book). Going to market with a PDF makes some sense. I get that you want to make sure that your idea has legs before designing something a little more slick. If new features aren’t making you money then they *are* debt, after all.

Plus the PDF contains great content that will give you a clear direction to take your wardrobe this fall. Having that handy (even if it is in PDF form) is certainly better than not having it at all!

Regarding the bitly links: I’ve clicked them and you won’t end up at meat spin, or some multi-level marketing site. Just make sure that if you’re on a PC and have the PDF opened in a browser, that you right-click and open links in a new tab. Otherwise you’ll lose track of the PDF at an embarrassingly high rate!

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