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September 15, 2015 | by Paul

I’ve been drooling over knives for a few days now. I think it was the latest episode of Raw Craft that kicked it off. Haven’t seen it? It’s hosted by Anthony Bourdain and sponsored by Balvenie, the Scotch company. I haven’t had the booze for a few years, but maybe I’ll pick up a bottle this weekend to support the show. They’re both good — the show and the booze.

Anyway, episode 4 features Bob Kramer, a knife wiz. He pounds out a chef’s knife and talks about knife craft. But his website doesn’t list prices. That’s probably bad news on the wallet.

Check out the episode here:

Then along comes Dappered and its 10 Best Bets for $75 or Less post. Do they feature Bob Kramer too? Nope. Too expensive.

The article mentions the Opinel No8 Knife … for $13. I want one!

You can get it with either a carbon steel or stainless blade and a beechwood handle. There’s even an option for a leather sheath. Well done, Dappered.


Read the full article here complete with all 10 suggestions.

Check out more Raw Craft episodes here.


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