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2016 Ford Focus RS available on @Ford’s Car Configurator

September 17, 2015 | by Josh

The Ford Focus RS Mk 2 has been very popular in Europe ever since its launch in 2009. If you watch Top Gear or Fifth Gear, you know that the UK has a thing for Hot Hatchbacks. Particularly the Focus RS.

Like the guys from Fifth Gear said about their competition in the video above

A high speed test of agility […] designed to combine the 2 main hobbies of the cars potential owners: Football, and driving like you’re escaping from jail.

Getting behind the wheel of a hot hatchback gets under your skin. You can’t help but throw it around corners because they stay so stable. You’ll wonder why you ever drove American sized sedans the first time you whip around a corner!

Now that’s the old Mk 2 Focus RS. We’re talking about the launch of the new Focus RS Mk 3, which will be sporting a 2.3L Ecoboost engine that was poached from the Mustang. That means that you’re getting a reliable engine that should have already had most of the kinks worked out. This hatchback that will have a raucous engine with 345 horsepower and 347 ft lb of torque, which is more than the VW Golf R and the Subaru Impreza WRX STI. Additionally, Ford has added a new all-wheel drive platform to the Focus RS which takes away one of the main gripes of older generations: That they can’t put all of that power down with a pesky front-wheel drive system.


The Car Configuration Machine: Click hereFord Focus RS

You’re looking at a base price of $36,605 and its configurable to just over $40,000 before throwing in different wheels and tires.

Now for some bad news: If you want to get a Ford Focus RS, you’d better move quickly. According to NSEAVOICE only 2000 units will make it to the US. Maybe that’s to drive demand, maybe they’re still trying to get the manufacturing process up to speed, or maybe they’re shipping most of the units to Europe where they know that people will eat them up!

Here’s the only video of someone driving the Mk 3 Focus RS like it should be driven. I didn’t hear the wheels chirp when launching, which is either impressive traction control or the driver is rolling off the line. And the rasp of that exhaust! My goodness!

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