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Timex Weekender Watch with NATO Strap Review

March 9, 2016 | by Josh

Update 3/9: Amazon has these marked down to just $25! If you were tempted before, but decided not to pull the trigger, you’re inaction has been rewarded.

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Original review published September 2015:

The Timex Weekender is a classic watch that is very versatile when you’re putting together outfits. Some folks swear by them, and others can’t stand how loud the ticking is! Well, here’s our take on this staple. Let’s do the Pro/Con thing!


Con: This watch ticks… loudly

The internet is filled with reviews like this one from the Woot forums:

Timex Weekender Noisy Review

Now this might get me detained by the Internet Police, but I think this watch is pretty quiet. Does the watch tick? Yes. Does it tick loudly? If I have my watch-arm under my head watching the TV late at night, yes I can hear it. Is it insufferable? Not in the least.

Now this all comes with a few caveats:

  1. I keep all of my watches in my drawer when I’m sleeping to keep the clutter down on my bedside table.
  2. As my friends can tell you, I’m deaf. It’s from too many punk rock shows growing up.
  3. I live downtown Chicago on a major street. My threshold for “loud” is higher than people living in rural areas.

If noise is a deal-breaker then you should be ignoring quartz watches and looking at automatics like the ubiquitous Seiko 5 if you’re going for the same look as the Timex Weekender without the noise. Or even quieter than that are smartwatches like the Apple Watch (for your iPhone), the Motorola 360 (for your Android + looks), or the Pebble Steel (for your Android + 7 day battery life).

For those of you that don’t require complete silence at all times, we’ll continue with our review!


Pro: NATO Straps are awesome

The Timex Weekender I bought came with a NATO Strap. If you’re unfamiliar with these, here’s the lead paragraph from Gear Patrol’s article on them:

Whether or not you know exactly what a NATO strap is, you’ve definitely seen one. A trend item that has aggressively taken hold of the watch industry, NATOs can be found on just about any watch, from $35 Timex Weekenders to $7,000 Rolex Submariners to $50,000 Patek Philippes. Some watch enthusiasts may scoff at the idea of putting a $15 strap on an expensive timepiece, but NATOs are a fun, functional and quickly interchangeable way to show off your watch.

NATO Straps

If you search for the Timex Weekender on Amazon you will come across a myriad of listings because of the different strap offerings.  It matters less which band you choose when you buy, and more that you can pick up handfuls of straps in the future that fit your watch and will match your outfits. Just search for 20mm NATO Straps and you can have the pick of the litter for about $15 a piece! They look sharp, feel great, and they take just seconds to swap out. I’m sold on the NATO strap.


Con: No date on the watchface

I’m used to looking at my Pebble Steel for the date. And my text/email/calendar notifications. And the weather. My other watch, a mechanical watch from Orient, doesn’t have notifications either but it does have the date. I didn’t realize how often I check my watch for the date until it wasn’t on my wrist any more. It’s a drag pulling my phone out of my pocket for something so trivial. I’m surprised how much it bothers me, landing the lack of date squarely in the “cons” category.

Timex Weekender Watchface


Pro: Indiglo

I’m old enough that I remember when Timex first started advertising Indiglo on their watches. Having Indiglo on my watch (this is my first Timex since I was a kid) was a real joy, and very useful. I was taken aback by how bright it is compared to my Pebble Steel! I can use it to help me look for my phone in the dark!


Con: It’s thick

This point is nitpicky: At 9mm it wears about as thick as my Pebble Steel (10.5mm) because the strap is a slip-through, meaning that the strap is between the watch and my skin. It is slimmer than my Orient watch but I was still hoping for something a little bit more sleek. I guess you can’t have everything.

Timex Weekender Thickness

Pro: It’s incredibly cheap

Right now it’s $30, and we’ve seen it on sale for even less than that! That’s an impulse-buy price-point for a watch. That’s inexpensive enough that you could buy backups. Instead of buying backups, though, you could buy a couple of 20mm NATO Straps and match your watch band to a number of outfits for less than you’d spend on any of the other watches we mentioned in this review!



At $30 there’s no reason not to buy a Timex Weekender. If it’s too noisy, just put it in a drawer or gift it to someone on Christmas. Or listen to your music a little louder and damage your ears like me! I really do enjoy this watch. It’s nice having something that’s dressed-down compared to my Orient, but that isn’t as intrusive as the notifications on my smartwatch are. I also enjoy wearing things that I don’t mind if they get ruined. I have a feeling this watch will last a long time, but at $30 I won’t be devastated if I lose it. I’ll just buy another!

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Own this watch?  Did you have a different experience than I did? Do you think I’m deaf, or crazy? Leave a comment.  

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